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With Poindexter Consulting, the answer is clear: our tailored services can help you achieve significant improvements in document performance, overall quality, and ROI.  

Don’t let document performance, organizational challenges, and limited use of advanced tools hold you back. Choose Poindexter Consulting for trusted Onshape consulting services that deliver real results. 

Onshape Consulting Services

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Our team has a wealth of experience working on a wide range of projects, from simple designs to complex assemblies. We offer tailored services to meet your specific needs and goals, including group webinars, 1 on 1 consulting, document optimization, and transition support. Visit poindexterbydesign.com to learn more about our work and why we’re a trusted partner for mechanical engineers and engineering companies. 


Optimize and speed up your existing Onshape designs with our document optimization service.

Onshape Webinars

Learn advanced document setup and design tips to make Onshape documents faster and more reliable with our group webinars.

1:1 Consulting

Get personalized guidance on Onshape best practices and improve your modeling skills with our one-on-one consulting services.

Transition Support

Transitioning to Onshape? With our support, you can speed up onboarding and training, improving your return on investment.

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