Improvements to Onshape – July 21st, 2023

  1. New custom shortcut key mappings (existing shortcuts)
  2. Add names to insert dialog for released parts/assemblies
  3. Support creating a centerline using one cylindrical silhouette edge in Drawings
  4. Support company export rules for publications and documents to non-company users
  5. Support inspection item number re-use (with warning) in Drawings
  6. Support “Open linked document” from BOM row
  7. Support compression option for glTF export
  8. Support preprocessing options for STEP export
  9. Support endpoint extension adjustment for offset sketch splines
  10. Removed App-specific document permission functionality from settings and share dialog
  11. Improved in-context editing performance when referencing many context entities
  12. REST API: Update description and summary for endpoints
  13. Enterprise: Display filters used for read-only dashboards
  14. Enterprise: Add Analytics info panel for documents page
  15. Documentation: Update the Horizontal sketch tool video
  16. Documentation: Update the vertical sketch tool video example
  17. Revised tooltip for folders in documents list to contain folder name
  18. Fixed an issue where overridden subassembly computed properties are not overridden for the top level assembly
  19. Fixed an issue where loft on a mirrored part fails with a specific profile order
  20. Fixed an issue with standard content insertion when assigned different materials
  21. Fixed an issue that can cause dimension line to extend beyond detail view boundary
  22. Fixed an issue that can cause auxiliary view on another sheet to flip when dragging view reference indicator
  23. Fixed an issue that can cause top level assembly to show an inaccurate fixed state for part in a subassembly
  24. Fixed an issue that can cause expected region in the performance panel to indicate incorrect region for certain locations
  25. Fixed an issue that can prevent users from being added into a specific Enterprise via SSO
  26. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause inconsistent results for a specific boundary surface
  27. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause specific frames to fail when inserting into an assembly
  28. Fixed a specific issue that can cause errors when using section view on an assembly
  29. Fixed a specific issue with moving documents in the documents list

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