Improvements To Onshape – June 13th, 2023

  1. New Trim curve feature
  2. New “Termination” conditions for Hole feature
  3. New “Join adjacent surfaces” option in import dialog
  4. Add additional fonts for sketch text tool
  5. Support using variables for sketch pattern count
  6. Support metadata properties for standard content and items
  7. Support standard content and item part number generation
  8. Support syncing standard content and items to Arena
  9. Support adjusting horizontal leader length for linear, radial, and diameter dimensions
  10. Improved visibility for long regeneration time warning in the performance panel
  11. Improved search results when sorting and searching for public documents
  12. Improved folder and document ownership transfer behavior when downgrading from company subscription to individual subscription
  13. Improved “Getting started with Onshape” section in documents list for Professional trial and added section for Free users
  14. Enterprise: Improved location data within Analytics dashboards
  15. Render Studio: Allow using specific Part tessellation from Part Studio appearance panel
  16. Render Studio: Add additional materials to the appearances library
  17. PCB Studio: Allow Onshape support to view company component mappings for investigation when document is shared with support
  18. Help documentation: Add ability to copy link for subsections of help pages
  19. Fixed a performance issue that can occur when using “Limit frame ends” option
  20. Fixed a performance issue causing abnormal load times for a specific Assembly and Drawing
  21. Fixed a performance issue with release management and BOM workflows when using computed properties
  22. Fixed an issue that can prevent selection and translation of subassemblies in exploded view
  23. Fixed an issue that can prevent users from signing in to Enterprise using SSO
  24. Fixed an issue that can prevent document thumbnails from generating in a timely manner
  25. Fixed an issue that can cause release dialog to mislabel items as containing changes to its properties since it’s last revision
  26. Fixed an issue with aggregated properties when used with custom categories
  27. Fixed an issue with specific counterbore holes tapped through multiple parts but not through all
  28. Fixed an issue with selective merge from another branch when used with a deleted tab
  29. Fixed an issue with extrude remove on a specific sheet metal part
  30. Fixed an issue where drawing detail view can show a different hatch color than the parent view
  31. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent publication tabs from loading
  32. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause drawing callouts to fail

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