Improvements To Onshape – May 19th, 2023

  1. New thread class designation for the hole feature
  2. New FeatureStudio shortcuts in keyboard shortcut map
  3. New auxiliary view direction definition type for ‘In line’ with edge in Drawings
  4. Support semicircle (180 degrees) inference/snap for 3 point arc in Sketch
  5. Support quad point inference/snap for elliptical arcs in Sketch
  6. Support renaming a folder from within folder breadcrumb (Documents page)
  7. Improve section view error messaging to include cutting line name (non-manifold)
  8. Simulation: Automatically suppress newly created loads for non-active simulations
  9. Help documentation: Add ‘Setting up your machine for Onshape’ section
  10. Help documentation: Fixed draft parting line video example to show face split
  11. PCB Studio: Support ‘Other outline’ entities in IDF 3.0 exports
  12. Enterprise: Improved modeling time calculation in reports
  13. Edu-Enterprise: Improved assignment, submission and student dashboard performance
  14. Edu-Enterprise: Remove automatic folder creation behavior for assignments
  15. Fixed an issue with legacy duplicate list property values preventing edits to the property
  16. Fixed display of pitch for ISO drawing hole callouts that use comma as the decimal separator
  17. Fixed a specific issue that can cause drawing chamfer note to appear in the wrong location
  18. Fixed a specific issue that can cause section view to show incorrect shaded view
  19. Fixed a specific issue causing incorrect section view hatching on a specific drawing
  20. Fixed a specific issue with ruled surface that can cause line edges to be shown as spline
  21. Fixed an issue causing specific drawings to timeout on load
  22. Fixed an issue with adding students to a class if they were previously educators
  23. Fixed an issue to remember “Not revision managed” option when moving tab out of document
  24. Fixed an issue that can cause hidden edges to flicker when using Safari
  25. Fixed an issue with Simulation “Show connections” option on M1 Macs
  26. Fixed an issue with syncing to Arena when removing required tag from property
  27. Fixed an issue causing “All upper case in Drawings” BOM option to sync properties to Arena as uppercase

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