Improvements To Onshape – April 28th, 2023

  1. New ‘Exclude from cut’ option for section, aligned and broken-out section views in Drawings
  2. New property display option in the assembly instance lists (part number, revision and state)
  3. Support the use of commas as decimal separators in number entry dialogs
  4. Support adjustment of section lines inside associated view reference
  5. Add MIN and MAX tolerance type to dimensions and hole callouts in Drawings
  6. Support ISO auxiliary view styles in Drawings
  7. Support multiple tab export to apply export rules inside of a zip file
  8. Updated ‘Move to’ dialog to be listed in alphabetical order
  9. Improved measure tool to show relevant measurements for circular and elliptical edges created by loft/boundary surface
  10. Improved drawings dimension tool to better detect circular and elliptical edges created by loft/boundary surface
  11. Improved drawings load time when opened in a publication
  12. FeatureScript: Fixed Part Studio reference parameter to read configuration data (part name)
  13. Edu-Enterprise: Analytics – improve class dashboard performance
  14. PCB Studio: Update existing assemblies with changes to components or board design
  15. Render Studio: Add fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D print approximation appearance
  16. REST API: Update documentation for Documents endpoint
  17. REST API: Update Releasepackage endpoint to include ‘type’ to understand action (ie. Approve vs Reject)
  18. Fixed an issue to include mass units when copying or exporting BOM table with mass column
  19. Fixed an issue that can cause Variable Studios to become unresponsive when adding new variables
  20. Fixed an issue preventing creation of variables on-the-fly for a specific document
  21. Fixed an issue preventing drawing exports on a specific document
  22. Fixed an issue preventing large imported DWG files from opening
  23. Fixed an issue with specific drawings repeatedly reloading until user refreshes browser
  24. Fixed an issue with BOM ordering when subassembly is set to “Show assembly only”
  25. Fixed an issue with Mass computed property showing up as “No value” in specific workflows
  26. Fixed an issue with Usersnap screen capture on Firefox browsers
  27. Fixed an issue when working with sketch intersection tool while in context
  28. Fixed an issue to maintain equal constraints when using sketch transform tool
  29. Fixed an issue that can cause unintended updates to specific drawings when loading
  30. Fixed a specific issue that can cause support codes when reloading idled documents
  31. Various fixes for specific modeling workflows and geometry defects

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