Improvements to Onshape – April 12th, 2023

  1. New Face blend feature
  2. New Thin option in Extrude feature
  3. New options for Helix feature (Cylinder/Cone, Axis or Circle) definitions
  4. New keyboard shortcut for Revolve (SHIFT + w)
  5. New keyboard shortcut for Hide/show sketches (SHIFT + h)
  6. New keyboard shortcut for sketch point (SHIFT + s)
  7. New sketch shortcut from line to tangent arc (hover over endpoint to toggle or SHIFT + a)
  8. Support attachment of surface finish symbols to GD&T frames in Drawings
  9. Support inspection items by row or parameter for callouts in Drawings
  10. Support compatibility mode for curves and surfaces in IGES export
  11. Improved sub-assembly manipulation performance
  12. Improve list value creation in custom properties (Pro/Enterprise)
  13. FeatureScript: Improve approximate spline fitting
  14. REST API: New assembly modify endpoint for bulk deletion and suppression
  15. Enterprise: Added “Last updated” timestamp next to clock icon in Analytics
  16. Edu-Enterprise: Ability to clone a class
  17. Edu-Enterprise: Make default role “Student” when adding new members
  18. Edu-Enterprise: Always display “Return to Main” link for when opening submitted assignment
  19. Edu-Enterprise: Add Submission Dashboard (without embed) in Analytics
  20. Add Professional trial option for Standard accounts
  21. Help documentation: Updated video for Simulation topic
  22. Help documentation: Updated sketched dimensions workflow
  23. Help documentation: Updated SolidWorks assembly “Pack and Go” section
  24. Fixed an issue where SSO sign in option instead shows a password field after session timeout
  25. Fixed an issue where dragging a mate list folder to the end of the tree behaved unexpectedly
  26. Fixed an issue where assemblies may load slower than expected when reopening a document
  27. Fixed an issue where double clicking to end sketch line segment can occasionally create another line
  28. Fixed an issue that can cause incorrect computed mass for sub-assembly
  29. Fixed an issue that can cause an incorrect assembly named position to be shown in drawings
  30. Fixed an issue that can cause drawing to show incorrect shaded view when cropped
  31. Fixed an issue that can cause obsoleted items to show up as released in advanced search
  32. Fixed an issue that can prevent reordering a list type custom property
  33. Fixed an issue that can prevent saving a list type custom property
  34. Fixed an issue that can prevent out-of-date context icon from appearing in specific assemblies
  35. Fixed an issue for drawing exports to use Onshape display language instead of device language
  36. Fixed an issue with folders unpacking tabs when copying a publication
  37. Fixed an issue with exporting a specific drawing as PDF
  38. Fixed an issue preventing a specific top level assembly drawings from loading
  39. Fixed an underlying issue where a specific company owner is not shown all documents
  40. Fixed an issue to show Enterprise logo when viewing publications via anonymous link

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