Improvements to Onshape – March 20th, 2023

  1. New Elliptical arc tool in Sketches
  2. Support zero and negative values in Hole feature limit tolerances
  3. Support reordering and state of list value custom properties (Pro/Enterprise)
  4. Enterprise: Improve the ‘User activity’ tile in ‘User dashboard’ with dynamic charts
  5. Edu-Enterprise: New report dashboard for student submissions
  6. Edu-Enterprise: Display details for the selected submission document in the details panel
  7. Edu-Enterprise: Add zero-state screen for analytics when an assignment has not been started
  8. REST API: New endpoint for BOM and Revision templates (‘/api/tabletemplates’)
  9. REST API: Support POST ‘/api/webhooks’ parameter ‘isTransient = true’ to specify auto cleanup after a set number of days
  10. PCB Studio: Refactor client-side code to update versions without clearing browser cache
  11. Help documentation: Improve visibility with separate styling for nested bulleted lists
  12. Fixed an instability when working with sheet metal
  13. Fixed an unexpected extrude remove when working with sheet metal on a specific document
  14. Fixed an issue that can obscure angle dimensions in graphics for sheet metal flat view
  15. Fixed an issue with copying Assembly tab to clipboard and pasting with the proper reference
  16. Fixed an issue where in-context notification would not display for users in multiple regions
  17. Fixed an issue that can prevent users from viewing properties of parts with many configuration parameters
  18. Fixed an issue with drawing watermarks when “Not revision managed” is toggled through the copied workspace
  19. Fixed a specific issue with searching for custom properties as a criteria
  20. Fixed a specific issue that can cause extended loading times when switching tabs between large Assemblies
  21. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent releasing drawing tabs if it contains released reference and parted out
  22. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent users from switching to a revisioned reference
  23. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent users from merging specific workspaces
  24. Fixed an underlying issue that can boundary surface on a specific document
  25. Fixed a typo in the API response for Assembly gear and linear relations

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